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Hisoka's Hideout is now re-open again for viewing pleasures... *smirks* anyway... it has been closed down..or should i say in Hiatus for quite some time now... after re-reading all your comments in my guestbook....which made me cry...*drama queen* i decided to put this up... but it will take a while to have this site fully completed and please be patient^^

i can't believe HIsoka's hideout has been here for already 2 years... i started working on this in the summer of 2002... and guess what? i was only 13 then! i'm about to be 16...time does fly... but anyway.... enough with this dramatic blah blah... i hope you will still support this little fan site of mine...^^

navigation can be found on the top, just click on the little number 4 pictures to get around the site^^ thanks and enjoy


waaah!! we...err..i mean i need your help...i need more donations.... (pictures, fics, fanarts, etc) to make this site more..errr... how to say this... lively? it needs more piccies^^ if you can donate..that would be great...just contact me via e-mail. MSN. or talk to me in YiM^^ email: YIM:gundamwing_lucrezia_noin (pm me)thanks.

anyone wants to help me run this fan me also...i need one or two people.

suggestions are greatly appreciated... for your suggestions...sign the Guest book or better yet, email me personally^^

tagboard goes in here please! XD


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*points up* wahahahaa just look at Hiso-chan! hee'sss sooo adorable! yet so droolable! ^____^