Hisoka's hide-out


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all about him

want to know all about Hisoka-chan, ne? well, here's a little info about him!!
better hurry up! he's coming with that grin on his face and a card of his hands!!!
hisoka: "ran-chan, you... hey, what are you doing? that's my secret!!!"
ran: "don't be so rude hisoka-kun!!"


Name:         Hisoka (doesn't have a last name, eh? he doesn't want
                                   to share it!! pretty mean, ne?)
Age:            probably 27!
Birthday:     June 7 (did you remember to greet Hisoka-kun?)
Height: 161 cm / 6'2 ft
Blood type: (i asked him and all he said is... "EEWWAANN")
Nen:            Henka
Closest friend: Illumi Zoldick (they are kinda cute*!)
Favorite saying: EWAN ^_^ (sorry guys, this is a Filipino site so, 
                                                  sorry for the Filipino word here!)
Weapon: plain trump cards.
Ward robe: we always see him in this unique clown outfit
Hisoka is the fourth member of the notorius group called Geneiryodan. He actually became a member of that group after he killed the former Fourth member of Geneiryodan so, he doesn't have anything to do with the assassination of the Kuruta tribe.
He joined the Hunter Exam for... well, for fun. He uses normal cards and transform it into a blade like weapon using his nen to fight. He also uses bungee gum that is made out of his nen.
He is a cold blooded person that kills useless people for fun. (well, that is why many hunters feared him) He acts like a joker of death or something related to that.
His only, friend, as we all know is Illumi. Personally, i think, Illumi-chan is the only one who can understand him. They're kind of, 2 of a kind, brothers, .............
For me, Hisoka is the most unique anime character that I like. He has this unique look and charms, unique personality that can give you the goosebumps, and all those stuffs.
For some, Hisoka remains the creepiest and the least unlikeable person in the series.

Hisoka: "do you really have to expose my secret?"
Ran: "well, there are hundreds of people who's dying to know you!"
Hisoka: "I don't care!" hey, *looks at the reader* what are you staring at?"
Reader: *runs away*