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a so-called fearsome group in HXH! composed of 13 members! each has the ability to use nen!

Hisoka: 4th member of Geneiryodan and uses Henka as his nen. (why don't you refer to his biography?)
Kuroro: the so-called leader of this group. He uses his Gugenka book that copies other people's nen.
Machi: She uses Henka for her nen. We saw her first, besides Hisoka,  before the other members. She uses this thin thread as her weapon!
Shizuku: the youngest member of Geneiryodan. She uses this vaccum called Deme-chan.

Shalnark: Uses a cellphone as his weapon. This cell phone can control people!
Ubogin: 11th member of the group. Died the earliest when he battled Kurapika. (thanks to Arashi-chan for correcting me! ^_^)
Phynx: haven't heard of him that much
Caltopi: can copy other people for 24 hours!
Nobunaga:uses his sword. he's the best friend of Ubogin (that's what i think!)
Pokunoda:has this terrible nose. She can read other people's thoughts through touch
Bonorenof: haven't heard much about him
Franklin: haven't heard much about him also
Feitan: He's cold-hearted member. Serious all the time! you can never see him smile!
The following infos are contributed by:
Tonomura Mizuki ------------ ninja_miki@yahoo.com

Franklin - uses his nen to produce bullets that go out of his hands. To be able to speed up the bullets, to cause great impact, he cut of the tip of his fingers. He is one of the deep-thinkers in the group nest to Shalnark and Kuroro and seems to care about Shizuku like an older brother.

Coltopi - cannot copy objects produced by nen such as deme-chan and kurapica's chains

Hisoka - he seems to have to types of weapons he makes using henka. The bubblegum like substance which he can strengthen and use against his opponents to draw them closer to his hand-to-hand combat range and he can use henka to make this certain cloth-like material to cover up things ... like what he did to cover up his geneiryodan kumo mark in the anime series.

Machi - as her thread stretches, it looses power ... she mentioned that she can make a thread that can circle around the world but can only support objects like feather but if her thread would stretch as long as a foot, it can make her carry things more than a ton

Shizuku - her deme-chan can release the last thing it has swallowed up but it cannot take out the rest because even it does not know where it goes. Shizuku has a short memory and can only remember things for ... about a day.