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This is where i answer some question with all my ability!

What is HXH?
if you don't know, why the heck are you here?? *pretty rude ne?* actually, Hunter X Hunter is an anime which Togashi-sama made previously, just lately. It first appeared in a manga then made into anime just like other animes.
Basically, a story of a boy who searches the truth about his long lost father and decided to follow his father's footsteps. He then, meet some good new friends who he travelled with along the long hunter exam.
So, where's Hisoka in the story, what is he then?
well, i have to agree that he isn't the goody good type of person that many of us would like, (would adore)! he is the creepiest guy in the series! (well, that's what i believe!) but even thou he's kinda creepy and scary and all that, i still adore him! *polishes Hisoka-chan's statue*
Who is your favorite anime Chanracter?
Who do you think? Common sense is needed! ofcourse, Hisoka-chan!
What actually is nen?
nen is a like mind power, hidden power (like an aura) in your body that gives you this unique ability that only that person can use. You see, there are different kinds of nen, there's Henka, Gugenka..... and alot more! (hey, wait a min., aren't you paying attention to the series?)
Am i this really rude?
actually, i'm not! i'm just really tired of your freakin' non sense questions.
Then why don't you rest?
How can I if you are always bothering me and think, i'm editing this freakin' site.
So, do you like other characters as well?
Yup! i like Illumi Zoldick, Killua, Kurapika and Mike, the Zoldick dog
Am i annoying you?
not really
So... when did Hisoka learned nen?
I don't know, ask Togashi
figure it out!
But what if i can't?
Is this really a Hisoka site?
Why you... are you trying to insult me?