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discussion about Hisoka's capability with the other Characters!

Okay, here we go......
Contestant no. 1:
ooohhhh!!! the very popular Hunter X Hunter couple and Geneiryodan couple. Hey, not bad... they're both Geneiryodan so, Machi isn't what we call, weak. We first see Machi on the episode where Gon and Killua is on their way to the tower where they met Zucchi! and by the way, I don't like to say this but, I don't like Machi that much!
On second taught.... Machi isn't that interested on having a relationship with Hisoka and Hisoka is a not so serious type of person. He likes to joke around right! maybe, he isn't that interested on Machi.
Contestant no. 2:
Hey, if there's Machi, there's also Illumi! The famous yaoi couple in the series. well, third acutally, there's Gon X Killua and Kurapika X Leoreo! Illumi is like Hisoka's only friend. Hisoka met Illumi in the Hunter Exam when Illumi came down the tower next to Hisoka. After that, we always see them close to each other.
On second taught, hey, Illumi is absolutely a guy! male gender! how is that possible? Guy to guy??? and Illumi is only Hisoka's best friend, no less, no more okay!
Third contestand is....
Hisoka X Gon....
Hisoka looks like interested in Gon, so why not!
but... for pit's sake, Gon is a mere child! 12 and 27??? not right! and guy to guy? again?? I think Hisoka is only interested on Gon's capability of being a great Hunter and a great user of nen! that's all! end of discussion. period!
Fouth Contestant is........
Hisoka X Kuroro.........
Hisoka is always after him, dying to face him!
But.... he's dying to KILL HIM! He's just close to him cuz he's waiting for that very right time to KILL KURORO!!
FIFTH contestant is
Hey, Hisoka did ask Kurapika's company right?
He just wants to get close to Gon and can use Kurapika to be able to get Gon and maybe also Kuroro!
NOOOO!! NO WAY! even if you'll make a rally or something against my opinion! i will stick to my answer....... NO! Mito doesn't even know who Hisoka is, well in the series! don't know if she knows Hisoka in the manga! and they're exactly opposite! too opposite and i don't like Mito! okay?
Hisoka X Webmistress and that's me!
Hey, good pair ne? *Hisoka fans come up to stage and pulls Ran's hair* hey, why not?? I could be a good.... hey, that's enough, that hurts! *Hisoka fans tries hard to pull Ran off to stage! another Hisoka fan grabs Hisoka but in her surprise, Hisoka isn't there* Hey, where did my Hisoka go??? anyway, think of it......I'm also Henka! I'm a girl! Hisoka can wait for me to grow up!
But........ HOW!!! I can only use my imagination to fulfill all these stuffs! but anyway, as long as i adore Hisoka, no one can take him away from me!! heheeh!