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Riding in Cars with Hunters


Ran: Wonder if who will I go with. I would really like to have company when I visit relatives. Hey, how about Gon? Hes respectful and. Hmmmm.

* * * *

-While driving-

Gon: You know what, Im really lucky for having my aunt Mito! Shes like a mother to

Me! You know, my aunt, she cooks, she swims and peels potatoes!

Ran: Our Hero yeah right!

Gon: And she cooks my favorite dishes and wash my clothes and hang them and iron

Them and..

Ran: . Continue..

Gon: and she do the house chores like cleaning the house, washing the dishes, taking care

Of the bar and

After 1 hr

Gon: and she is friendly and she plants and did I mentioned that she cooks good food.

She cooks my favorite dishes and wash my clothes and

Ran: Okay, okay, I know! Enough all ready!

* * * *

Ran: okay, so I think Gon isnt a good idea. Hey, how about Killua?

* * * *

-While driving-

Killua: did you know that in our house, we have 200 workers and 20 more to come

This year!

Ran: oh! Thats many, ne? you always bring you skate board. You really like it do You?

Killua: oh, my skate board I have lots of them at home! My skate boards has

Different qualities and brands so watch out for it

Ran: thanks for the advice!

Killua: and you know, each brand has its own quality like this skate board, this is my

Favorite brand and skate board and

Ran: Really!

Killua: Having one is quite expensive cuz you have to buy its parts like the wheels and

And others and you really have to take care of it!

Ran: . *Yawn*

Killua: And the proper way to take good care of it is


After 1 hr and 10 min


Killua: And I have 40 of them at home still usable and I have about 30 in the stock room

And Im getting 5 new this summer and.

Ran: Why did I brought up that topic!!

* * * * * *

Ran: okay, Killua may not work but Maybe Kurapika! I may have luck!

* * * *

-while driving-

Kurapika: so where do you want to go?

Ran: umm to my cousins! Umm dont get mad if I asked you this but you may not

Reply if you dont want to! Do you still hate the spiders? Specifically the ryodan?

Kurapika: *turned into red eyes* I really hate them with all my life and soul and if I

Ever see them again, Ill gonna

Ran: yes, continue..

Kurapika: and that Dancho of them, Kuroro, Hell gonna pay, Ill going to kick his

Sorry ass that hell kiss the moon! And then Ill tie him using my chain

And lock him and

Ran: *******yawn****

Kurapika: and that Pakunoda Ill going to stretch her nose as long as Pinocchios

And that Caltopi, Ill gonna punch him so hard that he cant be able to

Photo copy anyone and that.

Ran: *sound asleep*

After and hour and 30 mins

Kurapika: and that Franklin, Ill gonna cut his fingers and

Ran: all right, enough, I get you!

* * * * *

Ran: * sigh* not a good idea either! Hey, how bout Leoreo!

* * * * *

Leoreo: Wish I have money..

Ran: for what?

Leoreo: SO that I would become a doctor. I still remember this incident..

Ran: not again

Leoreo: I have this friend of mine, hes my bestfriend back then and he got sick and

Ran: uh oh! This will be a long day!

Leoreo: I wanted to cure him, see, I know the antidote but I dont have the money to

Buy him the ingredients and so

Ran: for the 15th time.

Leoreo: and the antidote was you have to mix bell flower with..

Ran: oh no no, no.. not an hour again!

* * *

Ran: okay, so Leoreo isnt good either hey, think of Hisoka hes quite serious

***** ********* **********

-while driving-

Hisoka: so, what card game do you know?

Ran: many but I dont know any gambling card games so dont count on me!

Hisoka: oh, okay! * holding a card in his hands* so, did you know that you can make

A tall pyramid out of card! If you know how to.

Ran: Ive tried that but. I turned out to be only a 5 leveled pyramid

Hisoka: mine turned out to be a 4 ft pyramid and Im making a 5 ft pyramid later

Ran: Okay so

Hisoka: and you know, I have around 100 sets of cards and 10 sets of Tarot Cards!

A collectors item! You know where to buy good cards? You can go to a..

Ran: Will this take us long?

Hisoka: why? You have a problem with that? * stares at Ran with evil eyes, preparing

To throw her card on her*

Ran: uh oh! Enough. I had enougn!!!!

*** **** ****** *******

Ran: that was so close! Remind me not to insult Hisoka okay! Cant take it anymore! Why are they so talkative these days? I know who to go with! Ill just go by myself!

Without anyone annoying me with all those an hour topics!