Hisoka's hide-out


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Chapter 2


Ran: okay, so, whos next on my list? Kuroro? Erm. Not bad!

*********** ********************* ****************

Ran: Im glad you made it!!

Kuroro: *reading his gugenka book* did you said something?

Ran: erm no youre kinda busy I think

Kuroro: what? Deme-chan? Oh, Deme-chan is Shizukus weapon, which came from her

Nen! This is what the Gugenka book says, look, Deme-chan zaps people

Ran: I know!! So. Would you change the topic please!

Kuroro: Bungee Gum? Oh, thats Hisokas other weapon made from his Nen which is

Henka! Henka means change its according to my book, page 213

Ran: *sweat drops* hehehe! I know! You baka!

Kuroro: my nen? Oh, I copy other peoples nen and copy it to this book so I could use it!

Ran: is he deaf??

Kuroro: huh? Feitan?

Ran: oh brother!

Kuroro: you have a brother?


-----after 1 hour and 45 minutes----------

Kuroro: and Franklins nen enables him to

Ran: SHUT UP!!!

Kuroro: Shoot? Who?

Ran: * hits the brakes and runs off*

*************** ********************** ***********

Ran: Im not definitely going out with Kuroro! Especially on a long drive!

*************** **************** *******************

Ran: hi!

Shizuku: hi! Erm. Whats your name again?

Ran: Ran!

Shizuku: oh! Yeah you are the erm..

Ran: never mind! So did you bring the basket?

Shizuku: basket? basket?

Ran: * looks worried* the basket, with some things for my cousins

Shizuku: Basket?

Ran: the one with a purple ribbon tied to it. You volunteered to bring it!

Shizuku: me? Basket? Purple ribbon?

Ran: oh no!!! never mind, so, how about out food?

Shizuku: food? Did you bring some Ran?

Ran: me? But I told you to youre not saying that

Shizuku: me? Food? What food? Now?

Ran: Cant take this anymore!!

-------- after 1 hour of complete silence from me and complete self asking of Shizuku-----

Ran: forget it, this is useless! So, give me my wallet

Shizuku: * looked puzzled*

Ran: Shizuku my wallet please! I need to refill the gas!! Hello? Were running out of


Shizuku: erm what wallet?

Ran: the one in the dining table before we left! I told you to pick it up and

Shizuku: huh?

Ran: oh no! were stuck and worse Im stuck with you!!!

--------------- ---------------------- ---------------------------------------

Ran: wow! Not Shizuku! No way!!

____________ _______________________ _______________

Ran: so, is that new?

Shalnark: yup! The latest brand!! Look! I can download and play mp3!

Ran: oh! Cool!

Shalnark: of course! And look, it can store up to 32 messages!

Ran: wow!

Shalnark: wait, Ive got a text!

Ran: okay!

-after 20 min.-

Ran: * humming* hmm hmm erm, Shalnark

Shalnark: * typing*

Ran: nothing!

-after 30 min-

Ran: so

Shalnark: * still typing*

Ran: hello?

Shalnark: * typing some more and reading some more*

Ran: whatever!


Ran: thats one quiet, boring trip!


Neon: wow! Look at what my dad bought me!! A new lip stick! I heard this costs $100!

Ran: is it good?

Neon: wanna look?

Ran: * looks at Neon holding the lip stick* nah! Dont like those stuffs!

Neon: why? Its good and makes you pretty! Hey, look! My dad also bought me the

New complete make-up set!

Ran: nice!

Neon: wanna try?

Ran: * looks at Neon* erm no, not fond of that stuffs!

Neon: *grabs a magazine* wow! I wanna buy this! What do you think?

Ran: erm. I dont know!

Neon: and this, and this and those and that

Ran: dont they have some ermother stuffs there like roller blades and sports

Thingies and just other stuffs

Neon: eewww! Youre fond of that stuffs? Why dont you try this?

Ran: erm, no thanks

Neon: and this, and that and this and that

  • after and hour

Neon: and that and those and.

Ran: just get them all!

Neon: hey! Good thinking! Okay! And this, and that and this and that..


Ran: Neon is a fashion freak!!!