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Authors notes:HxH characters doesnt belong to me but to the great Togashi-sensei.Arianna is my own character especially made to be Kurapikas koi.Youll understand more about her when Ive written my Kurapika-Arianna fanfic but for now enjoy.Comments and flames are welcome but not a lawsuit.I dont have that much money. J

It was a bright and sunny day for a picnic.We were walking down a hill and we came across a beautiful pasture.The grass were green and the wildflowers colorful.I let out a squeal of laughter as I ran downwards.I look back just in time to see your golden blonde hair swept by the wind.Your aquamarine eyes full of thoughts.

Hayaku,koi!I called out to you.I blushed as I said that.You gave me a tiny smile and went after me.

I blushed again fiercely and giggled as the wind lifted up my skirt.I looked back to you again.Your eyes revealed nothing,you were devoid of emotions.It tugged my heart to see you in such a state.I want to comfort you,to help in any way I can.To ease the pain you bear.

I gathered a bunch of wildflowers as you set up our picnic blanket down.I came back afterwards,you have already finished it.I sat down beside you.

As I made a crown out of the wildflowers,I remembered the day you were about to kill the Genei Ryodan.I ran towards you, begging not to.I recalled my cowardly words.

Dame,Kurapika!I said.If you kill Kuroro youre no more than him,a murderer.I dont want you to be one.Yameteonegai!

I cursed myself at the words I spoke.Why cant I be stronger?I was childish,a coward.I could nothing but speak.I was weak,I cried.I was helpless.

You walked towards me and gathered me in your strong arms as you soothed me.You whispered honeyed words as you stroke my back.I want to say that I should be the one comforting you.It hurts so much to see you struggle.Instead you were the one comforting me.Im not a child anymore but when you hold me like that you make me feel one,you make me feel safeand maybe even loved.I shook my head against that silly notion.You were like a warrior,incapable of loving.

I want to say I love you but I know you knew.It hurts so much that you didnt return my feelings but I still held on wishing someday youll be able to come out of your jailto be free. 


I looked across you and our gazes collided.I was somber and so were you.I held my breathe as you gathered me in your arms and cupped my chin.You slowly set your lips upon mine.You were excitingly hard and thoroughly masculine.

When you pulled away,my eyes were cloudy with passion.and love.I realized then that you also love me but was too afraid to put it in words.I was ecstatic to come to that conclusion that my tears threaten to spill again.

I know you think of me weak when tears sprang from my eyes that time.I wish I was strong and capable of hiding my feelings just like you.Maybe thats what made me love you.I needed someone to hold on to,to cry on to.TearsI cried a lot.Tearstears of a weakling. 

*Kurapikas POV * 

It was a bright and sunny day,just like your smile.We were walking down a hill and we came across a beautiful pasture.The grass were green and the wildflowers colorful.You let a squeal of laughter as you ran downwards.Your hair came loose as the wind toys with your long, glorious ebony black hair.Your amethyst eyes glittered all the more with glee as you enjoy the wonders of nature.

Hayaku,koi!You called out to me.Warmth filled my heart as you called me your love.I gave you a tiny smile and went after you.This is paradise.this is heaven.

I watched you giggled as the wind lift up your skirt.You were so carefree.Your gentle nature,always surfacing.Watching you washes the problems I have away.It cleanses my soul,enlightens my heart.

I watched you as you gathered wildflowers while I set up our picnic blanket down.You came afterwards with a bunch of wildflowers and sat down beside me.You look so innocent.

As I carefully studied you,I remembered the day I was about to kill the leader of the Genei Ryodan.Then you ran towards me,begging not to.I recalled your caring words.

Dame,KurapikaYou said.If you kill Kuroro,youre no more than him,a murderer.I dont want you to be one.Yameteonegai!

Tears streamed down your lovely face.Pain coursed through my heart.I reluctantly ceased to kill the bastard.I put on him the Judgment chain instead and let him go.

I walked towards you and gathered you in my arms as I soothed you.I tried to calm you down because it pained me to see you weep,especially for me.I dont deserve your tears.I felt so guilty for making you cry.I asked myself why does it hurt me more to see you cry than to see my friend get hurt.Realization hit me hardits because I love you.

I was shocked to come to that conclusion.I never allowed my emotions to get a hold of me and yet love did. I dont know when and how it happened but all I know is you have captured my heart when I least expected it.

I never admitted that to you because I dont deserve you.I was filled with vengeance,full of hatred to deserve someone as innocent as you,someone as pure.Im not worthy of your love. 


I looked across you and our gazes collided.You were somber and so was I.I couldnt resist so I gathered you in my arms and cupped your chin.I slowly set my lips upon yours.You were so sweetly innocent and wonderfully soft.

When I pulled away,I looked into your eyes again and saw no hint of disgust or surprisejust full of love.I know you love me.When I saw you cried for me that time,my frozen heart melted.It had set me free.You taught me how to love.Your tears for me was a new beginning.Yes,your tearsthe tears of an innocent. 

Kurapika:I fell in love with a weakling?!What the hell is this world coming to?

Lilin:You have to admit it was a very nice and romantic fic.

Kurapika:Romantic?!You make the worst fic!(He gets clobbered by Lilin.)

Arianna:You kiss so well,koi(She hugs Kurapika)*sigh* *sigh*

Kurapika:Ack!Get away from me!

Arianna: (went chibi and wails)Waaaah!Kurapika hates me!

Lilin:Look at what youve done to my character!Youre such a meannie.

Kurapika: (looks somber and walks up to Arianna)Gomen,Arianna. Yurushite kudasai.

Arianna:Wai!!!!Kurapika LOVES me.(hugs Kurapika again)Wai!Wai!Wai!

Kurapika:Oi,dont get carried away.

Lilin: (smiles mischievously)Now,I know what to do with my fanfic on how you guys met.


Lilin:Maybe I should put a bit of yaoi in it.

Kurapika: (blushed fiercely)Oi,dont do that!

Lilin:Hahahaha!Im the author and youre going to abide by it!And besides,I know youll enjoy it.

Kurapika:Im not like Hisoka!

Lilin:Too bad but I have already made up my mind and ideas has started flowing in.Ill enjoy writing this fic.Well,ja ne.I have to start working on it.

Kurapika:Oi,matte!Lilin-sama,chotto matte!(too late.)



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