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Chapter 2---


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Priestess for Hisoka' and once again
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Chapter 2

Amaranth woke up to a bright and sunny day.For a fresh start she took
a bath.She spent almost an hour
bathing in the tub,savoring the freshness it brought.When it was time
to finish her bath,she was reluctant to leave
the tub.

Amaranth donned the clothes she bought the day before.First she wore a
halter top with pink and violet
floral print.Next came a pair of white pants that hug her hips
perfectly and cupped her round buttocks.She dried her
hair and styled it into twin buns.After that she stepped into a pair of
flat creamy white step-in sandals with matching
pink and violet flowerettes.

Amaranth turned to examine herself in front of the full length mirror
near her bathroom.She now wasn't the
priestess of Sedikhan but just a normal-looking woman.A
normal,plain-looking woman with no special powers and
anything out of the ordinary.

Amaranth sighed.She vividly remebered what the elders of her tribe
asked,iye,ordered her to do.


"Priestess Amaranth,the elders have summoned you to the sacred tower."

"You may leave now."Amaranth said to the servant girl.She stood up and
decided to go.Upon arriving at
the sacred tower,she was greeted by three grim faces of old
women....the elders.

"Priestess Amaranth,our leader has just passed away."The oldest among
the three informed."It is now your
duty to journey to find the next one."

"Bara-sama,isn't it written that the next one should be her eldest
daughter?"Amaranth asked  the eldest one.

"Hai demo Yuri here just confirmed us that Mei Li isn't fit to be the
next leader.She isn't mentally,physically and
emotionally fit.She might turn Sedikhan into a chaotic place."The
middle answered.

"During her last moments our leader has told us to  find her
sister."Yuri said.

"Certainly you do not mean the one who ran away?"

"Hai,we meant her."The middle answered.

"Demo Daisy-sama we can't put her on the throne.She clearly declared
that she doesn't want to live and be part of
our tribe.She neglected her tribe because of her love for an
outsider.She is nothing but a traitor!"

"Silence,Priestess Amaranth!"Bara commanded."You have no right to
judge people by what you have heard.Your
opinions of her is of no importance.It will not hinder our late
leader's wish.Now go and bring her back!"

"But how will I know where to find her?"

Yuri approached Amaranth and gave her a piece of parchment."Written in
this parchment is all the information you
need to know."Amaranth read the contents.

"Ehh?!In Yorkshin City?That's halfway around the world!"

"Gems will be provided for your expenses."


"Priestess Amaranth of the Sedikhan Tribe."Bara bellowed.Such voice
from a frail woman."We,the elders,have already
made our decision.You are hereby ordered to perform the given task."

Yuri gave a questioning look towards Bara.She nodded.In an equally
strong voice,Yuri said."After accomplishing your
task,anything shall be given to you...anything."Amaranth gave her a
hopeful look."Even that."

Amaranth smiled and bowed humbly."I,Amaranth,priestess of the Sedikhan
tribe,bid farewell to the elders and wished for
their prayers on my journey to find and bring back the next leader."

Amaranth packed all of her precious things and set out to find the
next leader.With no regret,she left the place where she
grew up most of her life with not as much as a glance.


Back at the sacred tower,Daisy spoke."Do you think she'll accomplish
her task?"

"No doubt about it.I have no doubt in her skills."Yuri replied.

"She'll accomplish it one way or another."Bara said,ending the

*End of Flashback*

Life is so good to her.Amaranth had already found leads about her
target,she need not ask around.All she has got to do
was to find him and he's going to lead her to her target.Amaranth took
her purse and put on a pair of shades as she made her way
out the door.She dropped her keys at the front desk and went out of the
hotel she was staying.

Amaranth stopped at a cafe to have her  breakfast and to think of a
plan on how to find her lead.Luck was on her side
though because the moment she was giving her orders to the waiter,her
lead just came in the front doors.

Hisoka  immediately saw Amaranth sitting by the windows
alone.Lucky!Then it strucked him at how beautiful she looked in
civilian clothes.He didn't know how long he stood there gaping at
her.He wouldn't have move if a waiter haven't snapped him back to

"Sir,how may I be of service?"

"Kinishinai de."Hisoka said as he made his way towards Amaranth.She
was reading the paper when he reached her table.He
coughed twice to get her attention.Amaranth looked up.

"Hello,Amaranth.Nice seeing you again."

Amaranth gave him a puzzled look and asked."Do I know you?"

Hisoka chuckled."Don't you recognize me?I'm Hisoka."

Amaranth was speechless.Was this the Hisoka she had met last night?The
one who looked like a crazy psychotic clown?She
hadn't realized she had blurted that out when Hisoka answered.

"Ouch,that last comment hurt my ego."

Amaranth blushed."Gomen nasai demo you look different,so-so

Hisoka gave her a confused look."What was that suppose to mean?"

"Kinishinai,kinishinai."Amaranth gave a wary chuckle."Seriously,you do
look different."

"Oh?But I assure I'm still the one you fought with last night.Here's
my proof."Hisoka pointed at the wound Amaranth had
inflicted the night before."See?"

Amaranth only gave him a tiny smile as he sat down at the opposite end
of her and called the waiter.While Hisoka was giving
his orders,Amaranth stared at him.She took in his clothes,from the
white polo shirt down to the khaki pants,and his red tousled hair.She
never expected for Hisoka to be quite good-looking in civilian clothes
rather than his awful clown(if it was a clown)costume.Amaranth
was so entranced that she didn't hear Hisoka.

"Do you mind sharing tables with me?"Getting no reply,Hisoka snapped
his fingers in front of Amaranth's face.

Amaranth bounced back to the present with a jerk.Hisoka chuckled while
she blushed fiercely.

"As I was asking earlier would you mind sharing tables with me?"

Amaranth could only stammer."I-Iye,I-I don't mind."

Hisoka and Amaranth sat together in silence.To break the ice Hisoka
spoke first."Amaranth,you mentioned last night your on a
mission.What is it?"

"To find the next leader of our tribe."

"Sou ka."Hisoka said,thinking of something else to
say."So,Amaranth,why are you a priestess?"Hisoka cursed himself at the
absurdity of his question but was relieved that she hadn't laugh at

"Because I was qualified."Amaranth let out a sad sigh."Among the
others I was the most carefree,hardworking and logical.They
thought I was perfect for the job of being the priestess."

Hisoka noticed the sadness in her voice and asked."Aren't you
happy?"Amaranth shook her head."Naze?"

"I'll tell you the reason when the time is right."

"Oh,okay.Tonikaku,who is this person you're looking for?"

"Pakunoda of the the Genei Ryodan."


-----End of Chapter 2-----

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