Hisoka's hide-out


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third chapter

Author's notes:Chapter 3 is up!bu the way if you've read Iris
Johansen's "The Golden Barbarian" you'll see that that's where I took the name
of the place Sedikhan.This is only my note for today and oh the usual.

They ate their breakfast in silence.Each felt awkward to speak after
the last exchange of words.Amaranth was already boiling but kept a cool
facade.Hisoka kept on eating as if he doesn't care.Finally,she couldn't
stand the silence anymore.

"So,will you help me or not?"Amaranth snapped.

"Iye."Hisoka answered without pausing.

Amaranth snorted."You must be joking."


"This isn't funny,Hisoka-san."Amaranth glared at him."Look at me when
I'm talking to you."

"I'm still eating Amaranth."Hisoka looked at Amaranth and smiled then
resumed eating.His smile was reckless which  fueled Amaranth's anger.

"Are you going to help me or not?"


"And what,pray tell,is your reason?"

Hisoka finished his breakfast before he replied in a carefree tone."I
just don't feel like it."

"Nandesute?!"Amaranth was so enraged that she didn't realized she had
shouted loud enough for the whole cafe to hear.She was so angry she
wanted to kill him.

"I said"Hisoka calmly answered."I don't feel like helping you."

Amaranth stood up,took a couple of 50 ginnies in her purse and slam it
down the table.She then made her way to the exit but Hisoka caught up
with her.

"Chotto matte Amaranth."Hisoka grabbed her by the wrist and Amaranth
swung around to faced him with angry eyes.

"Hanase,Hisoka-san.I have nothing to do with you anymore."

"Oh?Sou desu ka?"Hisoka said in a mocking tone.

His reply put more gas in the fire.If looks could kill,Hisoka would've
been dead now."You have made it clear that you don't want to help
me.Well...okay,fine.Just let me go and I'll find her myself."

Still,Hisoka didn't let her go.People were staring at them already but
were oblivious to what was really happening.

"Ha-na-se."Amaranth ordered in a dangerous tone.

Amaranth's aura was glowing dark green.Hisoka,of course,noticed it but
didn't do anything to placate her.Instead he smirked and taunt her.

"Dou suru,Amaranth?"

Amaranth materialized and changed into sharp leaves the three pine
needles in between her fingers.

"I will-----"


It was Shalnark,calling Hisoka's attention from outside the
cafe.Hisoka was surprised to see him because Shalnark was supposed to be in
Egyptia on a mission to steal the famous necklace called "The Tear Drop".

Hisoka wasn't able to come because he was still needed by dancho to
steal the world famous scarab jewel of Lucrecia somewhere in Yorkshin
City.Shalnark headed the mission together with
Shizuku,Franklin,Phinx,Koltopi and Feitan.The rest remained with dancho.

"How come you're here,Shalnark?"Hisoka let go of Amaranth's wrist,went
out of the cafe and approached Shalnark,leaving her behind."You're
supposed to be in Egyptia."

"Well,we already finished the task.We just arrived today."Shalnark
replied."Any luck on the scarab jewel?"

"We're closing in on him."Hisoka informed."We'll move in
tomorrow.Wanna come?"

"Hai.The security hard?"


"Hontou?Yatta!I'll have fun again tomorrow."Shalnark paused as he felt
an aura around and used gyou to see who was it from.He quickly found.It
came from the lady who stood  at the doors of the cafe.

The lady was glaring at Hisoka.He was facing Shalnark that he didn't
noticed her.Her aura matched the greeness of her eyes.She was beautiful
even when she's riled.

Shalnark was so smitten by her that he didn't notice that she was
preparing to attack.

"Heads up,Shalnark."Hisoka said as he readied himself for the attack.

"Damn it!"Amaranth cursed as the pine needles were easily evaded by
Hisoka but not the guy he was speaking with.The pine needles were heading
straight for him but before Amaranth could shout a warning,it was
caught by someone else.

"You're rusting Shalnark."The person said."Just for a mere woman you
suddenly lose your instincts.It could get you killed."

Shalnark snapped out of his trance and grinned as the person held up
the three needles."Gomen,Feitan demo her beauty bedazzles me."

Feitan turned to look at the woman Shalnark was talking about.Indeed
she was beautiful but then all women are and such vain and manipulative
creatures.Feitan glared at Shalnark.

"Gomen,gomen.I forgot you hate all women."Shalnark quickly said."Do
you know her,Hisoka?"

Hisoka turned to look at Amaranth."Iye."

Amaranth heard Hisoka's answer.It made her angrier but decided to play
along.So she sauntered past them and made her way through the crowd.But
before she could,Hisoka got hold of her wrist again.

Amaranth turned to face him and cocked a slender eyebrow.In a
sarcastic tone,Amaranth asked."Do I know you?"

Hisoka didn't reply but dragged her instead.

"This is Amaranth."Hisoka said."Amaranth,this is Shalnark and the
grouchy one is Feitan."

"Why you--"Feitan started to go for Hisoka but Shalnark grabbed

"Maa,maa.He's just kidding."

"Hmph.I thought you didn't know me."Amaranth smirked at Hisoka then
turned to the other two."Hajimemashita."

"She's even more beautiful when she smiles."Shalnark whispered.

"Oh,boy!"Feitan muttered."You're way too soft.I wonder why did you
become a ryodan."

While Feitan and Shalnark were engrossed i another
conversation,Amaranth was getting impatient.She finally decided to leave.

"Gomen demo I have to get going now.Hajimemashita.Ja!"Before she could
leave Shalnark said.

"Can we accompany you?"

-----End of Chapter 3-----

Lilin:What?no barbs?
Hisoka:I didn't find any faults and besides I don't want you to do IT
to me.
Lilin:Too bad,I kinda miss it.
Hisoka:(evil grin)Well,in that case---
Lilin:Don't you even dare!
Hisoka:*sigh*anyway how come Shalnark and Feitan is in the story?
Hisoka:Aww,come on.Tell me.
Hisoka:Onegaishimasu!(puppy dog eyes)
Lilin:ewww!okay,okay.I'll tell you just quit making that face.(whispers
to Hisoka)Gets?
Hisoka:(mischievous grin)Wait'll Feitan hears this.
Feitan:Hears what?
Feitan:(eyes her suspiciously)Something's fishy now 'fess up!
Lilin:Sore wa himitsu!
Feitan:You leave me no choice then.(tries to torture Lilin)
Hisoka:Okay.(whispers to Feitan)
Feitan:She's gonna WHAT?!
Lilin:Hisoka!Why'd you tell him?
Hisoka:You asked me to help you remember?
Feitan:kono teme----(tries to kill Lilin)
Shalnark:Oi,Feitan.What are you doing?
Feitan:This girl is trying to---(whispers to Shalnark)---and the worst
is----(whispers again)
Shalnark:(chuckles)The idea's fine with me.In fact I'm in whole-hearted
Feitan:(glares at Shalnark)It's fine with you but not for me.This girl
is going to get it.(tortures Lilin)
---Several minutes later---
Hisoka:Why'd you kill her?
Feitan:I didn't kill her,just gave her a lesson.
Shalnark:You're really against it,aren't you?
Feitan:(glares at Shalnark)
Shalnark:Wakatta,wakatta.Hisoka,take her to a hospital.
Hisoka:Hai,hai.(piece of paper falls as he picked up Lilin)
Shalnark:What's this?(reads its contents)Go on and take her to a
hospital.This is Lilin's letter to her readers.I'll just read it to them.
  Dear readers,
Hope this chapter's to your liking.I'll just reveal our little
secret when this fic is ended.Gomen if I have any word errors in my fics.Ja!