Hisoka's hide-out


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fourth chapter

Author's notes:Wai!chapter 4 is up.Again HxH doesn't belong to me.(contains OOC)

"We?!"Feitan said.

"Hai.I'd love to have your company."Amaranth replied at the same time
as locked her arms with his.She was about to decline his offer when an
idea crossed her mind.And besides she found Shalnark to be quite

"Oh,no.I won't and you can't make me."Feitan said.

"Aww,come on Feitan.Don't be such a grouch.You should be honored that
such a beautiful lady has agreed to let us come with her."Amaranth
blushed at Shalnark's compliment.Feitan scowled and also did Hisoka.

"Yurusai!"Feitan snapped.

"So where are we off to,Amaranth-san?"Shalnark asked,looking at her.

"Hmm,I don't know since I'm new in this city."

"Well,in that case let us give you a tour."

"Who's US?I told you I'm not coming."Feitan growled.

"Neither am I."Hisoka supported as both Feitan and him started to walk

"Fine,Hisoka-san.We don't need you anyway."Amaranth muttered then
turned to Shalnark."Saa,ikuso Shalnark-san.How gentlemanly of you to escort
and tour me around York Shin City."

Before Shalnark and Amaranth could disappear into the crowd,Hisoka
called out.

"Matte yo!"In a jog he went over to them.

"Hisoka no baka!"Feitan mumbled as he,too,followed him.

When Hisoka reached them,he put himself in between Shalnark and
Amaranth.Feitan was following behind them mumbling and cursing Hisoka.

"I thought you guys don't want to come."Amaranth smirked.

"Yurusai!"Both Hisoka and Feitan said.

"Tonikaku,"Amaranth continued,addressing to Shalnark and
Feitan."Anata-tachi wa Hisoka-san no tomodachi desu ka?"

"Hai."Shalnark answered."Naze?"

"Nandemonai,it's just that----"

"She wants to know if you're part of the Genei Ryodan."Hisoka cut
in."Isn't that right,Amaranth?"Hisoka smiled sweetly at her.

At that point,Amaranth already decided to kill Hisoka but promptly
discarded her decision.She then decided to play his own game.Hisoka
noticed the fire in her eyes and anticipated the time she'll challenge him.He
was in for a surprise.For at that same moment,Amaranth flashed them her
sweetest smile which captivated them...except Feitan.

"Hai,Hisoka-san,sou desu.So,you're a part of the Genei Ryodan,ne?"

"Hai."This time it was Feitan who answered."And we,of the Genei
Ryodan,don't like people snooping in our business."

"Feitan,stop intimidating Amaranth-san."Shalnark said."Exactly,why do
you ask?"

Amaranth turned to Hisoka."You started this,you finish it."

Hisoka had no intention of doing what she said but Amaranth's green
fire glare made him think otherwise.He told Shalnark and Feitan
Amaranth's true purpose.Both were surprise to know that Pakunoda was a member of
the Sedikhan tribe and their next leader.

"Ne,I overheard you earlier that you have another mission
tomorrow."Amaranth said."Can I come?"

"That's one of the many reasons why I hate women."Feitan said as he
glared at Amaranth."They are so intrusive."

"So?I don't give a damn about your reasons."Amaranth matched Feitan's
glare."Tonikaku,can I come?"

"Iye!"Feitan and Shalnark both answered.

They were just as infuriating as Hisoka.In a near scream she
replied."If your answer is you don't feel like helping me,I swear I'll kill

"Hisoka said that didn't he?"Shalnark chuckled."Iye,chigau yo."

"It's because Dancho forbids it."Feitan said.

"At least their reason is more reasonable."Amaranth muttered."Ne,can
you plead with your dancho to let me tag along?I really need to have a
word with Pakunoda-san."

"Gomen,Amaranth-san.Demo Dancho strongly forbids it."Shalnark
explained."And besides we fear for your safety."

"Here we go again with the WE."Feitan mumbled."If she wants to come
let her come.I don't care what happens to her."

Shalnark ignored Feitan's remark."The other members of the Genei
Ryodan might kill you and some tend to go into a state of killing
spree."Shalnark added as he looked at Hisoka.He just grinned.

"Sou ka."Amaranth felt insulted by Shalnark's remarks but then she
thought about who she was up against was the Genei Ryodan.Knowing this she
need not be insulted after all.And because she didn't want Shalnark to
get in trouble with their Dancho she agreed not to come."Demo,if you
can,please ask your Dancho if I could go to your hideout to discuss
something with Pakunoda-san.Onegaishimasu!"

Because she looked so hopeful,Shalnark agreed.

Amaranth never entertained the notion of being docile but decided it
was for the best.So she accepted Shalnark's agreement.But beneath the
docility,Amaranth had already decided to learn more about their mission
and follow them.Good thing she caught a clue.

"Well,that's that.Now,let's do some sight-seeing!"Amaranth said.

For the whole day Shalnark toured Amaranth around York Shin
City.,together with Hisoka and Feitan.They ate ice creams,cotton candies and
popcorn.They went to the carnival,rode the rides and played the games.They
were having the time of their lives.Even Feitan seemed to be enjoying
too.Too bad it has to end early.Amaranth has declared she was not
feeling good after the last ride.

"Daijobu,Amaranth-san?"Shalnark asked a dizzy Amaranth."Maybe you
should go back to you where you're staying."

"I-I think I will."

"Can you manage?"

Amaranth managed a weak smile."I'm staying at Hotel Moonlight Towers
in case your Dancho agrees."

"Wakatta."Shalnark said as he hailed a cab and helped Amaranth into
it.To the driver he said."Hotel Moonlight Towers."

"Gomen nasai that it has to end this early."

"Daijobu,just concentrate on resting."

"Domo.Ja ne."

The trio watched the speeding cab in silence.It was Feitan who broke
the ice.

"She isn't a very good actress."

"Hai,I know.She's up to something.I can sensed it."Shalnark replied.

"Follow her,Hisoka."

"Yappari."Hisoka muttered.

"Just keep an eye on her."Shalnark advised."I'll report to Dancho
about this."Feitan and Shalnark started to walk away.

"Chotto!"Hisoka called out."What am I going to do?"

Shalnark paused and turned halfway to Hisoka."How should I know?You're
the expert on women."

"How about doing that thing you've always wanted to do with
Machi?"Feitan suggested.

Hisoka flashed them a devilish grin."I guess I could do
that.Amaranth's pretty sexy."

"Not that,baka!"Feitan snapped."I'm talking about taking her on a

"Demo that's not what I want to do with Machi."

"Whatever.Just take her out on a date."

"Too bad.She makes me kinda hot."

"Hi-so-ka"Shalnark said in a sing-songy voice."Do you want me use my
technique on you?"

Hisoka detected the threat in Shalnark's voice and decided not to push
the topic any further."Wakatta,wakatta.I won't touch her then."


"We'll just meet at the target's place tomorrow."Feitan said as he and
Shalnark parted ways with Hisoka.

"Remember,Hisoka.Touch her or else...."Shalnark called out.

*At Hotel Moonlight Towers*

Hisoka strolled inside the magnificent interiors of Hotel Moonlight
Towers.He quickly located the front desk.From the desk clerk he found out
that Amaranth's room was located on the 10th floor.Her room number is
1020.Hisoka took out a card when he reached Amaranth's room and opened
the door using it.He quietly closed the door,crossed the room and sat on
the sofa adjacent to the bed.

Hisoka knew that Amaranth was in the bathroom taking a bath.From the
moment he entered her room,scents of chamomile and other tropical
flowers floated in the air.He anticipated the time when she finishes taking a

Just then,Hisoka heard the bathroom door open and Amaranth slowly
emerged.She was only wearing a white towel draped around her voluptous
body.Her damp brown hair loose and reaches her slim waist.

Amaranth froze.She saw Hisoka sitting on the sofa,facing her.A fierce
blush crept her cheeks as she felt uneasy under Hisoka's close
scrutiny.Then their gazes collided.Hisoka stood up and crossed the room to
where Amaranth was standing.With a devilish grin,he spoke.

"Hello,Amaranth.You look simply delightful dressed in a towel."

Hisoka:(chuckles mischievously)I can't wait for chapter 5.

Amaranth:Baka!Do you think you'll GET it?Ha!Fat chance!

Hisoka:Depends on Lilin.Ne,Lilin-sama?


Amaranth:Baka!She still can't speak because of her bandages!

Hisoka:Then who will close this chapter?

Amaranth:I am!

Hisoka:(burst into laughter)Y-you?mwahahaha!That's a laugh.

Amaranth:Why you---(beats up Hisoka)That'll teach you to insult me.


Amaranth:(heart eyes)Shalnark-san!How nice of you to visit our beloved
Lilin-sama.(stares at Shalnark)

Shalnark:(sweatdrops)I brought Lilin-chan some flowers to
cheer...er....to lighten...er...never mind.

Amaranth:(takes hold of Shalnark's arm)Have a seat.

Hisoka:(glares at Amaranth)Let Shalnark go,Amaranth.He can walk.

Amaranth:(glares at Hisoka and stucks out her tongue)

Shalnark:Do I detect jealousy from Hisoka?(card zooms past him,missing
him by a few cm.)Er..forget I said that.

Amaranth:By the way,Feitan-san was doko ni?(sees Feitan hiding outside
the door)Come in,Feitan-san.

Feitan:(comes in)I'm not doing this because I want to but because I
have to.Dancho ordered me.(Feitan thrusts a bouquet of flowers to
Amaranth)Here.This is for Lilin.

Amaranth:Eh?That's so sweet of you,Feitan-san.

Feitan:(stares at the floor)

Hisoka:(mimicks Amaranth's voice)Yeah,Feitan-san.So sweet of you.

Feitan:(glares at Hisoka)Yurusai!

Shalnark:I thought you hate women?

Feitan:I do demo Dancho also ordered me to do this.

Shalnark:(thinks)Come to think of it,Dancho is out of the city.He told
us no form of contact can be made since the place he's going to has no
cell site.

Amaranth:Oh,Feitan-san.I never knew you had a soft spot.

Feitan:(glares at Shalnark)Thanks a lot,buddy.

Amaranth:Anyway,this is all we have for today.Lilin-sama will be
joining us hopefully in the next chapter.As she always say,"Hope you guys
like this chapter.Flames and comments are always welcome but not
lawsuits.I don't have that much money."Well,ja!