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You Know you've been to Obsessed of Hisoka-chan when...

THis stuff is made by me as I have observed myself these days! I realized that i've been too much obsessed of Hisoka-chan

You are bored in class and you started writting Hisoka's name on your notebook or paper over and over again.
You are in your house and you started to feel bored. you suddenly get your playing card and started to build a pyramid or a tower out of it. (personally, i tried this before and i've been able to do a 5 level pyramid. this is puite challenging though)
You started to like shapes like heart, club, spade and diamond
You often ask your friend to draw you a 10 legged spider with a no. 4 on it so that you would always remember Hisoka.
You always bring with you a set of playing cards where ever you go.

You ask your friend to call you Hisoka.
You get irritated and mad when somebody teases Hisoka or cursed him.
You started to call your friend/ best friend Illumi.
You put face paints with stars and tear drops
You start to tell your self that your favorite no. is 44 or 04
You throw cards on your sister or brother when you get irritated.
You try to memorize Hisoka's lines.
You tease your Kurapika fan friend that you know a lot about spiders.
You make your own no. 44 Hunter pin out of paper or illustration board.

Your friend or anyone asked you a question and you always answers them "EWAN"
You sit alone in the weirdest way.
You call your other friend or classmate "dancho"
YOu always sing Hisoka's song
You cry if you did not see Hisoka for a day (i felt that one day)
YOu always day dream of him
You try to put some, actually, alot, of hair gel so it would stay up just like Hisoka's! (never tried that)
You colour your hair dark orange brown or green like Hisoka's (wouldn't attempt)
You always let your tongue out and like lick your lips when you're talking to someone else (planning evil things! hehehehe!!) just like what Hisoka always do! ( hey, i tried that one whole day when i was talking to my sister and you know what she said?... i'm annoying!)

More to come! ^_^