Hisoka's hide-out


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chapter 5

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Warning:Slight yaoi!

Hisoka stood before a stupefied Amaranth,inches away.Wrong move.He
could see the faint blush on Amaranth's cheeks and the entrancing scent of
tropical flowers.All he could think of was dragging her to the bed and
having his way with her.But the hint of threat in Shalnark's voice
stopped him.

"What the hell are you doing here?!"Amaranth's outraged voice cut
through Hisoka's fantasies."Don't you know how to knock?"

"I'm a thief,remember?"Hisoka gave her a crooked grin."And thieves
don't knock."

She looked so tempting with her flushed cheeks and green fire
eyes."Get out of my way!I need to change before I freeze."

"What for?You look beautiful in that."Hisoka's finger trailed a line
from the base of her throat to downwards just above her cleavage."It
will be my pleasure to warm you up."

Amaranth realized quickly Hisoka's attempt to remove the towel from
her body.She dodged Hisoka's hand and jerked backwards.

Amaranth's bravado returned with force,accompanied with the dangerous
glowing of her nen."HENTAI!!!!!"

"Yare,yare."Hisoka said in resignation."No need to get all worked up.I
just came to invite you for a dinner date tonight."

"Ha!And risk my virtue?No way!You'll pounce on me the moment you get
the chance.I'm not that stupid!"Amaranth ranted."Now go before I make
mince meat out of you."

The thought of Amaranth making mince meat out of him produced laughter
from the killer's lips.His sudden outburst confirmed Amaranth's

"You're a lunatic."Amaranth muttered.

Hisoka started for the door,laughing all the way,but stopped midway.He
turned to face Amaranth and gave her a crooked grin.

"Use your gyou."Amaranth was puzzled by his bizarre request but was
intrigued so she used it.From Hisoka's finger was a thin line of some
sort and her gaze followed to where the other end was.She gave no more
than a gasp when she was yanked hard.

"What the hell is that?"Amaranth asked as she found herself just
inches away from Hisoka.

"My bungee gum."Hisoka replied.Then he wound his arm around Amaranth's
waist and pulled her up against him.His other hand guided her smooth
leg to wrap around his waist."Tonight...7pm at the lobby."

Amaranth's eyes widened in surprise and her rosy lips parted
slightly.Hisoka could do nothing to resist the temptation offered by Amaranth's
lips.So Hisoka threw any thoughts of Shalnark aside and kissed
Amaranth.His mouth was hot and demanding,his tongue explored the silky interior
of her mouth.His hunger was obvious.

Amaranth felt a jolt of electricity pass through her body as Hisoka's
tongue came in to mate with hers.She was inexperienced as he was
experienced but it didn't matter.She welcomed it passionately.Hisoka
reluctantly let go of Amaranth.Her bemused state aroused him like no other
women before and it scared the hell out of him.

"You're dangerous."Hisoka mumbled but not loud enough for Amaranth to
hear.Hisoka might have regained composure physically but not his

Hisoka gave an arrogant grin at the sight of a rattled Amaranth and
headed to the door."I'll be a good boy tonight.Yakusoku!"

The door closed upon Amaranth's scream of outrage and Hisoka's manical

"The cur!"Amaranth muttered as she change her clothes.She wore a
floral dress with square-necked neckline and buttoned at the front.She paced
back and forth,cursing Hisoka."The conceited son-of-a-bitch.The
arrogant clod!How dare he kiss me?I ought to swipe that smug smile from his

[But you enjoyed his kisses]

[I do not!]

[Muri da yo.You welcomed his kisses and even kissed him back]


[Hora!You can't even come up with an alibi to excuse your behavior.]

[I'm shameless.]

[No you're not.It's perfectly normal.]

[Perfectly normal?I practically threw myself at his feet.I'm a whore!]

[Kissing him doesn't make you a whore,it makes you a woman.]

[I'm a priestess for heaven's sake.]

[But that doesn't excuse you from becoming a woman.]

[I vowed chasteness before the tribe of Sedikhan.My word is

[Whatever you say...]

Amaranth hated losing to her conscience.She's got other important
things to do than sit around and argue with her conscience,in which she
knows she'll lose.She paced around the room and focused her attention in
finding out where and when the Genei Ryodan's 'feat' will be put into
action.As if like an answer to her question,Amaranth saw something in the
corner of her eye.

There,sitting in her bed,was today's paper.Something caught her eye
and she turned to look at the bottom of the page.In bold letters,the
title said...


Finally the most awaited jewel will be displayed at last.The Scarab
Jewel of Lucrecia were dug up by Filipino archaeologists Hannah Gaile
Bendero and Kristine Shah Baņas from the ruins of the Lucrecian
Civilization.The two archaeologists are auctioning it tonight to provide funds
for their next expedition.The ball will be attended by all of York Shin
City's top-notch officials and other people.In case of a planned
robbery,the Mafia will be there to protect the ball.

"Lucky!"Amaranth said."Knowing the Genei Ryodan they'll strike
tonight.Not sooner nor later."

Just then the doorbell interrupted her happy
thoughts.Grudgingly,Amaranth went to the door and opened it.It was the bellboy carrying a
big,brown parcel.

"Ojou-san,a man in the lobby told me to deliver this to you."

"Domo.You may leave now."Amaranth said as she closed the door.On the
top of the parcel she received was a white notecard.She read its

Boku no Amaranth,

I want you to wear this tonight and don't ever think of not showing
up.I didn't remove my bungee gum on you.Ja!

Amaranth used her gyou and saw that he was right.Hisoka's bungee gum
was still attached to her."Damn you,Hisoka!!!!"

*A few moments later*

"I'm supposed to wear this?!"Amaranth asked incredulously.She had
tried on the gown Hisoka sent her.It was a spaghetti-strap,off-shoulder
number with sugar beads sprinkled lightly at the lining of the
neckline.The hem of the skirt was cut diagonally from her right mid-thigh to her
left mid-calf,also with sugar beads trailing the hem.

Strappy,beaded stilettoes,a shawl and a purse accompanied the
dress.The design didn't surprised Amaranth that much but the color.

"Ano sukebe na!He could've have given a dress in color white,pink or
maybe even black.But,no.He just have to pick up this color!"

Hisoka gave her the set in bold,seductive red.


Hisoka adjusted his cravat as he looked at his reflection in the
windows of the hotel.He was arrogantly pleased with himself.He wore a black
tuxedo with cuff links and matching tailored pants.He was smoothing
down the lapels of his coat when he felt the lobby silenced.

Hisoka turned to see that the people on the lobby stopped in their
tracks and appeared to be mesmerized.Their attention was centered on
something.Hisoka follwed their gazes to the top of the hotel's grand stairs.

Their,like a floating goddess,stood Amaranth.The gown he had given her
fitted perfectly,giving shpae to her waist and hips.Her hair was
delicately arranged in a coiffure,with wisps framing her angelic face.

And their gazes locked.Amaranth's heart beat faster when she saw
Hisoka.He look absolutely handsome in formal attire with matching devilishly
gorgeous looks and smile.She slowly descended the stairs.

Every step Amaranth took made Hisoka breath faster.He found it very
difficult to breath.When she was reaching the end of the stairs,Hisoka
walked over to meet her.

He held out his hand and Amaranth slipped hers into his.He noticed
that cute blush he'd been thinking about since earlier as he brought her
hand to his lips.Hisoka couldn't seem to take his eyes off hers.He was

For the first time,Hisoka was at loss for words.For the first time he
was breaking into cold sweat.For the first time he was getting sweaty

Hell,for the first time in his life he was getting rattled at the mere
sight of a woman.Hisoka was bewitched.

Lilin:Konnichiwa!!!How are---

Hisoka:LILIN!What the hell is this ending?!I don't get rattled and I'm
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