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A priestess for Hisoka


Author's notes:What happens when the clown of death meets the one who
represents life?Hisoka,the dreaded
clown who kills people for fun meets Amaranth,the feisty yet innocent
priestess of the Sedikhan Tribe.
Will sparks fly?Or will Amaranth be another victim of Hisoka's killing
cravings?Need I say more to prove
how interesting this fic is?

Chapter 1

Hisoka laid awake in his bed.He turned to look at his bedside clock.It
read 1:05 am.He stacked one
arm behind his head,the other was absent-mindedly  toying with a trump
card.His mind was occupied by something else.


"Saa,Machi."Hisoka whispered huskily.He had cornered Machi inside an
alley.She was backed up
against the brick wall with Hisoka towering over her,his arms blocking
her exit."How about dinner with me?
I'll treat you to a fancy restaurant.What do you say,Machi?"

Hisoka got a glare from her."Do you really enjoy getting beaten up or
are you just plain stupid?"

"Aww,come on Machi.Just one dinner?"

"Iyada."Machi answered plainly.

"Then maybe after dinner we could go some place cozy and have a good
time."Hisoka looked at Machi
with obvious desire."I promise you'll remember that night for the rest
of your life."

"I don't wish to get involved with you Hisoka.I've got more important
things to do than to fool around
with you."Machi pushed Hisoka and started to walk away but Hisoka
quickly got hold of her arm.Machi turned to
glare at Hisoka."Hanase,Hisoka."

"Ah-ah-ah."Hisoka said as he wagged a finger in front of Machi's
face.Machi was getting pissed off.Her
eyes blazed with irritation."I love feisty women.Feisty YOUNG women."

Machi started to struggle but couldn't escape Hisoka's deathgrip.


"One kiss first."

"Ha-na-se!"Machi's nen started to glow an intense color.It was clear
she  intended to fight Hisoka but
before she,or even Hisoka,could make a move,they both sensed an aura
and turned to find the source.

At the entrance of the alley stood a woman,no more than 18.She was
clad in a flowing sapphire blue dress
with long peasant sleeves and a sabrina cut for the neckline.A
silver-colored sash was tied at her waist.She wore a similar
colored bandanna over her long braided chestnut brown hair.Her emerald
eyes  flashed dangerously.

"Let the girl go."She said."You are such a pig to force this young
girl to go out with you.You should brush up
with your manners and be a gentleman if you want her to say yes."

"Yurusai."Hisoka snapped."Kankenai.I'm a killer and I don't take
orders from any one."

The woman took a step backward to retreat but decided to held her
ground.She decided not to let anyone
especially this man to intimidate her.

"Let her go!"The girl said with force,as if issuing a silent

"Oh?"Hisoka asked."What are you going to do then if I won't release

"Then I'll have to resort to drastic measures.I'll have to fight you."

Hisoka gave a bone-chilling chuckle."You think you have it in you to
defeat a cold-blooded killer like me?"

That wounded her pride but decided not to let it get to her."Do let
her go."Hisoka released Machi not because
of the woman's plead but the way she quirked his curiosity was the
reason he let Machi go.

Machi smirked."You know Hisoka?I'll be looking forward to the day that
you'll become a gentleman and that
day will never come!Ja!"

Hisoka glared at Machi's departing figure and turned to glare again to
the woman."Lady,you cost me one night of
sheer pleasure.Happy now?"

The woman ignored Hisoka's barb."Domo."With that she started to walk
away.But before she could,Hisoka was so fast
and caught her arm.He gave low chuckle and said.

"Let's see if you can beat me.Shobu da yo."

"Iye.Sumimasen demo since you have already released the girl I have no
reason to fight you and therefore any
fighting is meaningless."

"You're going to fight me or else..."Hisoka pointed a card at her
neck."Omae wa kurosu."

Normally people would have started to shiver at the mention of these
words but not this one.She has an air of
defiance and not to mention danger.Slowly a green aura began to
envelope the woman.She held out her right hand and different
kinds of leaves materialized.

"Kill me..."The woman smiled a crooked grin."...if you can."

Hisoka was getting excited,his taste for killing was summoned.He
didn't care if it was a lovely woman he was fighting.All
he wants now is to satisfy his hunger.His nen started to glow.

"No wonder you didn't flinch at my threat."Hisoka said while twirling
a trump card."You know how to use nen."

"Gugenka at 60%."Then the leaves hardened like those of sharp
knives,daggers and the like."Henka at 40%."

"Let's get it on."

A fight ensued.Both sides were equally strong.Sharp cards and leaves
were exchanged.Both were good in dodging their
adversary's attacks.

"Sugoi na."The woman breathed
heavily."You...are...very...skilled.Anata...no...namae...wa?"She threw a four-leaf clover
his way but Hisoka simply avoided the attack.

"Hisoka.Omae wa?"He threw a card at her but she evaded it as well.She
stood at the end of the alley.

"Amaranth."She answered."Priestess of the Sedikhan tribe."

"Ah,the Sedikhan tribe."Hisoka panted.He was at the opposite end of
Amaranth."The tribe of the strongest amazon women
in the world.No wonder you're very skilled."

"So,you're familiar with it.Tonikaku,Hisoka-san,you said a while ago
that you are a cold-blooded killer.Do you belong to
some group or are you a loner?"

"I'm part of the Genei Ryodan."

"Sou ka.The famed Genei Ryodan,the most skilled thieves and
cold-blooded killers who ever walk the earth.The group who
had been able to defeat the 10 in-jus of the Mafia."

"How did you know?It was supposed to be classified information."

"I have my sources."Amaranth materialized 3 pine needle leaves and
changed it into sharp ones."Gomen,guess I have to end this
with three shots.I still have my mission,you know.Rest assured I'll
wound you this time."

"You're welcome to try."With that Amaranth threw two of her pine
needles but Hisoka easily dodged it.The third one was so fast
he wasn't given time to react so the pine needle dashed by his face and
scratched him just below his right eye.

Amaranth's lips turned into a smug smile.She started to walk and when
she passed Hisoka she paused."Nice sparring with you."

"I meant to kill you."

"But so far you failed.Well,see you around!"

Amaranth disappeared into the crowd as Hisoka watched her leave.He
picked up something on the ground.

*End of Flashback*

Hisoka threw the card to the wall.From his hand he produced the object
he had picked up earlier.It was the pine needle that has
injured him.It was still smeared with his blood although it was already
dried up.Out of the blue,Hisoka chuckled out loud.

"A worthy adversary just like Gon.I must have her."

Hisoka threw the covers and swung his long,tight muscled legs out of
the bed and onto the floor and sat up.He raked his fingers
through his red hair and stood up.The pine needle leaf was still in his
hand as he walked towards the windows.He wore only shorts.He
opened the windows and a soft breeze came in and swept his hair.He
touched the wound she had inflicted upon him and said.

"I'll see you around,Amaranth.....Sooner than you think."

-----End of Chapter 1-----

Lilin:Look,HxH doesn't belong to me,only Amaranth.Wakatta,wakatta.I
know the leaves thingy is a bit corny and so is the plot demo
          I'm new at these things that's why I'm a bit lousy.

Hisoka:Ha!You're not lousy you suck!

Lilin:Why you---(beats up Hisoka)that'll teach you not to open your big
mouth.Tonikaku,I'll write better plots for the following chapters.

Hisoka:I have a suggestion.Why don't you put a bit of yaoi in it or
maybe hentai.I'm sure the readers will enjoy that.

Lilin:Don't you mean that you're the one who's going to enjoy?

Hisoka:(angelic face)

Lilin:Stop making that face.It's creepy.So,if you have any comments or
flames just email me at kusari_no_miko@yahoo.com
           And please no lawsuits.I don't have that kind of
money.(hears noises)What was that?

Hisoka:(bringing a mob with torches)Sue her!Sue her!Sue her!

Lilin:HISOKA!!!!!!I'll kill you for this!!!!(stops and thinks then gave
Hisoka a wicked grin)

Hisoka:Uh-oh,you're up to something.

Lilin:I'll have Amaranth cut off your ______.Yeah,that's it.It'll be a

Hisoka:Oh,no!anything but that!Yurushite kudasai,Lilin-sama.I'll do
anything just don't do that.Onegaishimasu!(gave Lilin puppy dog eyes)

Lilin:Okay,okay just quit giving me those goody-goody faces.It's giving
me the creeps!Now,massage my back.


Lilin:You really do want me to write it don't you?(Hisoka starts
massaging Lilin)That's better.Well,I still have to ponder my thoughts for the
          next chapter.Ja ne!