waaaaah!! the reason for this site.... the reason of my obsession...the reason of my bankruptcy (for renting too many DVDs)... the one and only... my KOI...*gets dumped by other HIsoka followers* .... i mean..HISOKA!!! *runs towards HIsoka and drags him to face the awaiting fan girls...(and boys...lol) there you go.... presenting..HIsoka-san!!!

hisoka: *drags Ran into the corner* what are you doing?
Ran: what... they're just dying to know more about you.... what's wrong with that^^ *pinches Hisoka's face*
Hisoka: *looks really annoyed* aarrggghhh! fine..i give up... you win..but do it quick okay? and stop pinching me!
Ran: waaaaii!!! thankies HIsoka-san *moves closer to HIsoka*
Hisoka: *gulps* ...
Ran: *raises her hands to touch Hisoka's face and RUbs it hard* Is this water proof?
HIsoka: *sweat drops*

Name: Hisoka (others spell it Hysoka...) ( i've watched a sub version...and Hisoka's name there is XIAN)
age: 27? 28?....
d.o.b: july 7 (some says..., HIsoka just won't tell me....! *pouts*)
blood type: he wont tell me either...
nen type:
weapons: bungee gum, set of cards ....

more facts:
HIsoka is considered a threat to people...*poor hiso-kun* He failed the Hunter Exams previously for reasons like, obsessive of needless killing, etc. No one really can come near him, face to face, without feeling such fear, but the Ryodans and of course, Illumi. (remember..in episode..errr... 26 i think... where they were being interviewed for the last exam?... HIsoka went in first and Leoreo and the others wanted to know if its a written exan or not...yada yada... then... they're pointing fingers to each other on who will face and ask HIsoka...?... )

Hisoka changes outfits in the series! (and don't forget..hair color^^) at first..we see him in his clowning bluish outfit with kind of puffy sleeves..(lol) with the marks of spades and cloverand and his hair is green... ...then later on...he changes it to a sleeveless outfit, with instead of clover and spades, it's now diamonts and hearts, And his hair is brownish orange in color (which suits him too! XD)

HIsoka's past time seems to be playing with cards? stalking...and uhmm...plain sitting? He seems to be having fun building card pyramids...

cuz we want more of him.... ^^ XD wahahaah^^ (mee soo evill to Hisoka...)



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*points up* wahahahaa just look at Hiso-chan! hee'sss sooo adorable! yet so droolable! ^____^