what? you want to know about me?....waaai!!! *jumps for joy* waaai!!! i wanna hug you all!!!! and i want to glomp HIsoka Still! wahaah!!!! my obsession of him just won't go away easily..i tried...honestly....but... its soo hard to let go of that cutesy creepy clown he is! ehe XD anyway.... onto my bio... ^^

Hisoka: hn... who wants to waste their time reading your good for nothing life?
Ran: *watery eyes* HIsoka-san...you're soo mean.... waaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! *cries buckets of tears*
Hisoka: ne ne... arrgghh!!! *covers his ears* you cry like a baby...here you go.... *a box of chocolates appeared*
Ran: *stares* waaaaiii!! for me?.... *advances to Hisoka and gave him the super ultra mega glomp* waaaaaaii! arigatou!
Hisoka: get off me...

[.:.Name.:.] Ran
[.:.Aka.:.] Yuuhi, Azrail, Noin, Raishin
[.:.D.O.B.:.] Sept 7 (i luv candies^^ XD)
[.:.Age.:.] turning 16...
[.:.Grade/Yr.level.:.]Grade 11
[.:.School.:.] C.Leger
[.:.Loc.:.] ON Canada
[.:.Nationality.:.]Filipino [.:.Fav. Color.:.] Purple. Black. Red and Silver
[.:.Fav. Band.:.] L'arc en ciel, Gackt, Do As Infinity, MOrning Musume, Evanescence, Simple Plan, Seether
[.:.Fav. Singer.:.] Mai Kuraki. Kumi Koda. BoA
[.:.Type of Music.:.] Alt. Rock, J=pop/rock
[.:.Mangaka.:.] Yoshihiro Togashi. Wataru Yoshizumi. Nami Akimoto. kouyu shurei. Nobuhiro Watsuki, etc.

[.:.fav. Anime.:.] Hunter X Hunter, YYH, You're Under Arrest, Rurouni Kenshin, Magic Knight Rayearth, Detective Conan, Yugi Oh, Fushigi Yuugi, Card Captor Sakura, Bakuretsu Hunters, Recca no Honou, Inuyasha, etc.

[.:.Games.:.] FFX-2, FFX, FFVIII, Xenosaga, Chrono Cross, Soul Calibur 3, Devil May Cry, Wild Arms 3, etc.

[.:.Fav. Couples.:.] HXH: Illumi X Hisoka, Kurapika X Leoreo, Kurapika X Killua,
DC: Ran X Shinichi Recca no Honou: Fuuko X Tokiya, Fuuko X Raiha YUA: Natsumi X Shouji Inuyasha: Inuyasha X Kagome, Inuyasha X Kikyou, Sango X Miroku RK: Sanosuke X Megumi, YAhiko X Tsubame MKR: Umi X Ascot CCS: TOuya X Yukito FFX-2: BARALAI X PAINE! , RIkku X GIppal, Yuna X Tidus FFX: Lulu X Wakka, Yuna X Tidus Xenosaga: Kos MOs X Chaos

[.:.Wishlist.:.] Plane ticket back home XD, Game Boy SP, Videogames (Disgaea) Anime DVDs, Soundtracks, Mangas (complete volume of Ragnarok), pRO pre-paid, DOmain, season pass to Wonderland, trip to Japan, meet my fav. mangakas, live together with hisoka..(oops..lol)

As cited in the main page... this site is started two years ago...and was re-opened because of my undying obsession of Hisoka-san..lol..and ofcourse...your wonderful comments in my GB....(sign it! lets fill it in! eheh XD SPAM! lol..)

Ran's Hobbies includes: web designing, writing fanfics, oekakis, CGing (still learning) drawing, doing her online manga (visit it! lol..it sucks..XD), listening to her anime and non-anime CD's...(evanescence and Seether all the way!), or just plain sleeping

Yes... you heard her...she has a crappy online manga... if you want to see it...errr... ahmm... look at the links..

Ran can't sleep without lights..that's why Ran and Hisoka often fights... cuz Hisoka doesn't like sleeping with the lights on.... *ehe*

contact me?... there's lots of ways..lol email: hisoka_spider44@yahoo.com , MSN: neonweb_spiders@hotmail.com, YIM: gundamwing_lucrezia_noin (PM ME!), leave a message on her blog At Noinie
Friendster? yes!... add me! hisoka_spider44@yahoo.com
Asian Avenue? Yep!..cuz i'm a proud Asian! lol... crimsnbutterfly and anime_bluez (accounts)


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*points up* wahahahaa just look at Hiso-chan! hee'sss sooo adorable! yet so droolable! ^____^