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stories made by anime fans using their own opinions and stuffs

a fic written by me, Ran. Humor fic involving me with the Hunters.
a fic written by Lilin! again... it's a Kurapika fic but now.... with her own Character Arianna! Read and find out who Arianna really is and what is so special about her that.... erm... just read and find out!

another fic written by me. shounen ai i think. Illumi and Hisoka pairing
a hisoka fic dealing with a priestess. Written again by Lilin!! Arigatou Lilin!! read and please give her your comments.

A fic made by Lilin, actually, this is her "just a dream" version which was originally writter by Cyril-chan (if i'm not mistaken) so don't be confused. Angsty one, very sad but enjoy. This isn't a Hisoka fic but a fic about her and Kurapika. It's worth reading!!